North Elementary GARDEN BASED LEARNING : Helping Young Minds Grow

In July of 2015 North Elementary introduced 100 Garden Based Learning Workshop participants to curriculum they have been developing and teaching over the past few years. Lessons from PreSchool to Grade 4 can be located below. Click through each grade level to download complete (and editable) garden and standards based curriculum for your classroom.


About North Elementary: The garden began in 2011 at North Elementary with 13 raised beds.  Since then we have grown to 34 raised beds and 20 indoor grow labs. We have over 25 teachers using GBL in their everyday curriculum. Our garden includes; tomatoes, beans, pumpkins, squash, sunflowers, pollinator plants, carrots, radishes, potatoes, and strawberries to name a few. Our students sell produce at the Morgantown Farmers Market and funds from this endeavor help keep our garden sustainable.  We are the first school in Monongalia County to implement the Farm to School initiative.  We have presented at national, regional and local conferences about our program. We attended The White House Harvest with First Lady Michelle Obama and have been honored as a National Green Ribbon School. 


North Elementary has worked closely with the STEM Education Initiative in the College of Education and Human Resources at WVU to develop their garden-based learning program/curriculum and especially the integration of science and mathematics. 



PreSchool Gardening:

Inside and Out


Curriculum Documents: 

Grade 1: Worms and Lettuce


Curriculum Documents: 

Grade 4: Year Round Gardening


Curriculum Documents:

Grade 4: Colonial Adventures


Curriculum Documents:

Grow. Educate. Sell.
Farm to School