October is Farm to School Month: How will you celebrate?

October IS National Farm to School Month. Share with us how you plan to celebrate! Last year, Turcker County featured stuffed peppers. The peppers were grown by students, processed by the ProStart team, and prepared by the school's cooks.

Farm to School Month is quickly approaching. In the past, schools have featured WV grown meals (above: last year, Tucker County's ag students grew peppers, the Pro-Start team processed them, and cooks prepared stuffed peppers for 800+ students), garden bars with locally grown produce, Meet your Farmer events, school garden harvest nights, school trips to the farm for apple or pumpkin picking, and more!

What is your county or school doing to celebrate National Farm to School Month? Use the Comment section below, our "Contact Us" page, or email us at to send us details. We'd love to share your story with the rest of the world!!

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